Delafield, Wisconsin

I have been knowing Christopher Hinrichs, who makes Jeetop, for three years. Chris is the only one person in his company .

He doesn't hire people because he doesn't want them to know his SCAM business. He has been bankrupt and broken for last two years. Therefore, he does his dingy, poor quality tops at front of his garage. I would say his tops were better when he used to make it in his storage.

Whenever it rains, he gets the complaints. I have contacted with his pissed off customers. In fact, I know he treats customers like a *** and he tries to not fix or refund as long as possible. Guys, before you purchase his non-sense expensive BS please research more about it.

You will find so much about him and his business!

Don't waste your money and time with this Pyshopath. I guarentee you that you will want your money back.

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If you have a chance, please immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Agreed. He is a kook!

I had one of the craziest conversations of my lifetime with this guy! Hopefully he realizes that there is medication that would help.....


Thank you for posting this. I appreciate your effort in protecting the innocent from trash and being taken advantage of.

Thank you very much. May you be rewarded for doing what is right.


my 18 year old step son ,caught in lies ,kicked out of the house, making up more lies ...and this site takes the time to revew and find out the truth of the claimed lies ... i dont think so

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