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14 November 2016 I Love my JeeTops, no cracks or leaks after 6 months. I live in the Pacific Northwest, and we get a lot of rain here. I haven't had a single leak. I currently only have the Freedom Panels modified, but will get the main hard top done as soon as I can. I found the owner to be very easy to work with, the process of getting my Freedom Panels worked was smooth and quick. I drive my Jeep daily in all weather conditions, and have... Read more

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Scam artist...planning on a class action lawsuit with at least 7 others. Told you, Chris. We're coming for you!!!!!

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I still absolutely LOVE my tops! I have to admit that I was a little skeptical at first after having read reviews concerning issues with leaking. As soon as I received mine, I headed straight to the car wash. After countless car washes and days of rainy weather during the time I've had them, I have not had one problem with leaking. Even my skeptical fiancé continues to give me kudos and continues to say, "Babe, these things really are cool -... Read more

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These tops are scandalous guaranteed to cause your jeep to be totally screwed up with rain and snow ruining a nice EXPENSIVE vehicle. Chris Hinrichs is a broke scam artist, so if you enjoy being ripped off and your Jeep ruined by all means go there. Oh wait there is no there he has no garage no facilities no tools READ ALL THE REVIEWS AND LAW SUITES HE HAS LOST !!!! BAD GUY BAD COMPANY BAD PRODUCT !!! RUN RUN RUN !!!!! Read more

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The tops are awful and start to leak within the first year. I dropped off my top and after 7 months and many calls my top was repaired.The repairs lasted less than a year. I tried to get them repaired again and I was told by Chris the owner that he is in a lawsuit with Dow and I should apply tape to the tops. Do not waist your money on this product. Jeetops should not be allowed to be in business. Extreme waist of money and now I am stuck with a... Read more

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Jeetops - Jeetop SCAM!
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I have been knowing Christopher Hinrichs, who makes Jeetop, for three years. Chris is the only one person in his company . He doesn't hire people because he doesn't want them to know his SCAM business. He has been bankrupt and broken for last two years. Therefore, he does his dingy, poor quality tops at front of his garage. I would say his tops were better when he used to make it in his storage. Whenever it rains, he gets the complaints. I... Read more

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Same as the other really, really PO'd...Leaking, cracking tops (2nd Set BTW!) and no support from Chris. Yeah, "its Dow"..and I'm suing them"--heard that a few times. And good luck with suing Dow--hahahaha. And, the same "get some carpet tape and put it over the top"...blah, blah, blah...Right now its raining and I just put my double thick tarp over the Jeetops to stop the screen door tops we have as it was outside parked at work all day while... Read more

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Bought them in April and they started cracking and leaking in August. I got the same run around with Chris. Horrible company run by a ***. Have to replace them OEM before spring. do not buy these do not buy these do not buy these do not buy these do not buy these do not buy these do not buy these do not buy these do not buy these do not buy thesedo not buy these do not buy thesedo not buy these do not buy thesedo not buy these do not buy... Read more

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I also have cracked leaking tops. On my 3rd set now. Leaking again. He blames it on Dow. Waiting for 3 months and he says it's going to be another 2-3 months hopefully. Oh ya and you have to send your old ones back and we will fix them. Does he not understand that if it rains the interior might get soaked without tops? I also e mailed as a new customer and he said "I can ship tomorrow". But can't honor his warranty. Buyer beware!!! All he does... Read more

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Do not buy Jeetops for Jeep Wrangler they leak like crazy and Chris the owner will ignore your calls and emails when you have a complaint. When Chris would not answer my calls.I had pretend I was a customer looking to buy new Jeetops. When he called me back I told him they where leaking he told me to fix them with silicone and he would get back to me. He has never returned my calls. He did return my emails but it was just to give me the run... Read more

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